In addition to Musicians Without Borders, Ibantuta actively takes part in the Bahrain music scene as one of the founders of the band Aalaat.

Aalaat is composed of four musicians:

  • Ibantuta (Oud, Flamenco Guitar, Persian/Indian Sitar, Vocals)
  • Maxeem Meraki (Greek Bouzouki, Guitar)
  • Mike Zachariades (Keyboard & Bass)
  • Omar Quraishi (Indian Tabla & Cajon).

Their music is best described as "Oriental Fusion" and they have played in numerous festivals and concerts in the Middle-East, with multiple appearances in the press.

“What connects the band members together is their passion for cultural folklore and their ambitions to fuse it with contemporary touches. The core of the band comes from their curiosity, their love for experimentation, and their hunger to learn”.
— 13 March 2015 - Red Bull Bahrain / Malja

Summary of Aalaat's concert in Adliya.

For Al Riwaq's art/music space: The Nest.

Buzuki: Maxeem Meraki. Tabla/Cajon: Omar Quraishi. Sitar/Setar/Flute/Guitar/Vocals: Ibantuta. Bass: Mike Zachariades. Video: JEO Production. Live sound engineer: Mash Doit. Mastering: Bitesizemusic