Iban Perret, known as “Ibantuta”, is an inspirational Bahrain based musician born in the French Basque Country, where traditional folklore music is deeply rooted in the heritage of its people.

He has travelled the world with a particular mission, which lies at the heart of his style: the exploration of foreign cultures through the discovery of their music, melodies and instruments. Today, amongst the variety of string and wind instruments played, Ibantuta resonates most with the Middle-Eastern Oud, the Flamenco Guitar and the Indian Sitar. 

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From a young age, Ibantuta was taught the basics of Music Theory on the piano. He later picked up the Guitar, having been particularly inspired by the energy and fervor found in Flamenco music. Perhaps there was another element of Flamenco that inspired Ibantuta, for upon arrival to the Arabian Gulf in 2012, he immediately fell in love with the Oud and Arabian music. Ibantuta studied at the prestigious “Beit el Oud” (House of Oud) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, before moving to Bahrain where he continues studying the Oud under the guidance of his teacher and renowned Oud-player, Mr. Saad Mahmoud Jawad. His inspirations include the music of Munir Bashir and Fairuz, amongst others.

A trip to Iran brought the Persian Setar into Ibantuta’s repertoire, but it wasn’t until a travel through India that the Sitar was brought at the forefront of his inspiration. In India, Ibantuta followed classes in Mumbai at the Soor Academy, as well as Mysore under the strict and experienced teachings of the elderly master, Ustad Saroj Mukherjee.

In the past years, Ibantuta has performed on the Sitar in Bahrain’s Indian Music Festival (Little India) and has appeared as an Oud player in the famous Indian Film Director T.V. Chandran, in the movie "Mohavalayam".

Other accomplishments include the composition of the entire musical score for the theatre piece “Chaos in the Town”, performed as part of Bahrain’s ‘Spring of Culture 2016’, as well as numerous public performance at national festivals as well as private events for prestigious clients such as Ferrari, Formula 1, Ritz-Carlton, etc…




Ibantuta has often been praised for his relentless dedication and study of music, resulting in beautiful compositions, international collaborations and musical accomplishments across continents. On stage, his charismatic presence and sincere authenticity make it obvious that Ibantuta is a promising and inspirational musician. So much that a Red Bull Malja article described Ibantuta as “reminiscent of one George Harrison”.

Co-founder of the bands Aalaat and Musicians Without Borders, he is an integral part of Bahrain's art and music scene.


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Meet Ibantuta, the ‘Sound Explorer’: a true musical talent whose thirst for knowledge and love for music embraces cultural diversity and captivates its listeners in a harmonious homage to humanity. By combining contemporary elements with flavours and soft touches of the traditional East, Ibantuta creates symphonies that touch the soul and awaken ancient memories and emotions.