Iban Perret, known as “Ibantuta”, is an inspirational musician born in the French Basque Country, where traditional folklore music is deeply rooted in the heritage of its people. Coming from a musical family in a strong cultural and musical environment, music is a natural instinct for Ibantuta - a passion that travels with him throughout his journey.

Today, amongst the variety of string and wind instruments played, Ibantuta resonates most with the Arabian Oud, the Flamenco Guitar and the Indian Sitar. Ibantuta has travelled the world with a particular mission: to explore foreign cultures through the discovery of their music, melodies and instruments. Musical exploration and the interaction of cultures is at the heart of Ibantuta’s life and style:

Ibantuta has often been praised for his relentless dedication, hard work and study of music, which has resulted in beautiful collaborations, compositions and musical accomplishments across continents.

Meet Ibantuta, the ‘Sound Explorer’: a true musical talent whose thirst for knowledge and love for music embraces cultural diversity and captivates its listeners in a harmonious homage to humanity. Ibantuta’s charismatic presence and sincere authenticity make it obvious that he is a promising and inspirational musician. So much that a Red Bull Music Academy article described Ibantuta as “reminiscent of one George Harrison”.