Led by Ibantuta

The concept of Transmission holds great importance in my life. Through these workshops, I invite diverse audiences to elevate themselves through music.


Filming cross-cultural creations

A workshop aimed at raising awareness among young people about the musical dialogue between cultures through a film-concert, followed by hands-on practice.

Duration: 2 x 2.5 hours

Facilitators: Ibantuta and Daisy Sanchez (film and stage director)

Topics Covered: Filming music, video editing, Eastern music, multiculturalism, dialogue between musical traditions

Target audience

Audience: Middle schools, high schools
Age Range: From 12 to 17 years old
Locations: Basque Country (in Basque), France (in French), International (in English)

Number of people

Maximum of 25 students

Oud solo

Oud Lessons

I share my knowledge of the Oud following the method taught by my Iraqi master, Saad Mahmood Jawad, in-person or online, for beginners to intermediate levels.

Duration: 45-minute lessons

Beginner program: Introduction to the instrument, basic concepts of Arabic music, finger exercises, basic techniques, rhythm, and percussion.

Intermediate program: Repertoire, improvisation, advanced technique.

Target audience

Audience: For everyone
Age Range: From 12 years old and up
Locations: Basque Country (in-person, in Basque or French), France (online, in French), International (online, in English)

Number of people

Maximum of 2 students


Arabic Music Theory

I am passionate about the theory of modal music, especially in the Arab world. Through this series of workshops, I share my experience as a "non-Arab" Oud player, with the aim of "popularizing or demystifying" a rich and complex musical form.

Duration: 3 x 2 hours

Topics Covered: Maqamat, Instruments, Rhythm, Vocal melodies, Improvisation, Regional characteristics, Social and spiritual usage.

Target audience

Audience: Conservatories, schools, or musical associations
Age Range: From 16 years old and up
Locations: Basque Country and France (in French), International (in English)

Number of people

Maximum of 20 students

In collaboration

These workshops are offered in collaboration with individuals who have greatly inspired me.


Samâ - Sufi Music and Dance

In collaboration with Linda Rosas, a Sufi dance teacher at Les Fous du Village in the Basque Country, we invite you to experience a deep and spiritual practice associated with the mystical branch of Islam, Samâ or Sufi dance.

Samâ is deeply spiritual and symbolic, considered a means to transcend material concerns and get closer to the spiritual reality. One of the most recognizable features of Samâ is the use of Sufi music, including singing, recitation of mystical poems, and traditional musical instruments, which we perform live with Julen Achiary (Daf, Bendir, Oud, and the Iranian Setar).

Instructors: Linda Rosas, Julen Achiary, Ibantuta

Duration: 4 hours

Target audience

Audience: Open to all
Age Range: From 16 years old and up
Location: Monthly workshop held at Les Fous du Village temple in St Esteben (Basque Country, France).

Number of people

Between 8 and 20 people


Kirtan - Musical Meditation

In collaboration with Léa Etchegoyen, a yoga teacher at Yogalaia in the Basque Country, we invite you to explore an intimate and collective practice of musical meditation and devotional chanting called "Kirtan."
Kirtan is not limited to Hinduism; it finds its place in diverse spiritual and meditative contexts worldwide. It is recognized as a powerful means of connecting with others, calming the mind, and cultivating deep joy and inner peace.
Accompanied by instruments such as the Harmonium, Daf, Guitar, and Oud, we chant mantras that free our voices, create positive energy, and promote spiritual connection. This unique experience will immerse you in a meditative and musical practice that opens your heart and mind to greater inner harmony.

Instructors: Léa Etchegoyen (Yogalaia), Ibantuta

Duration: 2.5 hours

Target audience

Audience: Open to all
Age Range: From 12 years old and up
Locations: Various in the Basque Country (Yoga Baiona, Les Fous du Village, private locations...)

Number of people

Between 15 and 50 people





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