Oud Trio

2016-2017 : Master Oud player Saad Mahmood Jawad and his two students Nedal and Ibantuta pay tribute to the island where they met, Bahrain, as well as to other artists like Muhammad al Qasabhi, Dalida, Munir, and Jamil Bashir. It's a true journey through the Middle East.

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The Story

Recognized as one of the Middle East's most accomplished Oud players, Mr. Saad Mahmood Jawad imparted the intricacies of his graceful instrument to his two students, Nedal Aldaiekh and Ibantuta. When they take the stage, the rapport they cultivated during their extensive years of practice at the Bahrain Music Institute resonates harmoniously among the three musicians. 

The repertoire of this exceptional Oud Trio embarks on a genuine journey through the Middle East. They pay homage not only to Bahrain, the place where their paths converged but also to other revered artists like Muhammad al Qasabhi, Dalida, Munir, and Jamil Bashir.

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