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Ayam Zaman

Music video awarded at the "Barcelona Planet Film Festival" and the "Canadian Diversity Film Festival."

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The Story

2016. Muharraq, Bahrain. Three strangers from different cultures cross paths one night at a traditional Bahraini house in the heart of Muharraq souq as each follows the ethereal pull of a musical instrument. A story about finding ourselves in others, and the uniting power of music. Featuring multi-talented Basque musician Ibantuta performing on Middle Eastern oud, Indian sitar, Persian flute, and Spanish guitar in an arrangement composed by Jamil Bashir.

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and credits

Title: Ayam Zaman
Composer: Jamil Bashir
Oud, Sitar, Guitar: Ibantuta
Music Arrangement: Ibantuta
Recording: Ibantuta
Mixing and Mastering: Michael Zachariades
Production: JEO Productions
Director of Photography: Jafar Al Halwachi
Editing: Jibin V
Special Effects: Hari S. Padman
Concept: Ibantuta
Director: Summer Ameen
Year: 2016

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