When Oud meets Pipa

Kunming, China. The encounter between the Oud and its cousin, the Pipa, serves as a gateway to contemporary China.

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The Story

"If one should desire to know a kingdom, the quality of its music will furnish the answer."

(China, 551 BC – 479 BC)


Confucius attached great value to music.


2,500 years later, music is what animates Mey Ling's daily life.

Over the past few days spent with her in Kunming, I have seen her play her instrument the Pipa with grace and teach it with passion.

I found a determined and inspiring woman, rooted in both the past and the present, engaged in practices like calligraphy, traditional music, tea ceremonies... all while being an English speaker, a fan of musical improvisation, and highly connected through her WeChat application!


Could she be a reflection of her own country, China?


In "When Oud meets Pipa" we open a small door, in a rhythm highlighting the contrast between tradition and modernity in China.

Production and credits

Title : Spring River and Flowers In The Moonlight 

Pipa: Mey Ling 

Oud: Ibantuta 

Music arrangement: Ibantuta 

Field recording: Ibantuta 

Second camera : Sherine Traboulsi 

Main camera & editing : Ibantuta 

Video production: Ibantuta 

Release year: 2023

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