Short movies

Short films to grasp significance of traditional music, music videos to capture the beauty of human encounters, live footage to relive captivating moments on stage, landscapes to transcend into timelessness and the depths of sound... I use imagery to enhance the depth of the music.

Interview Guzheng

06. The journey begins : my first steps in China

China | Chang Kay Yi
Musician & Teacher

Su Zar Zar

Release in 2024

09. Searching for the Burmese Harp

Myanmar | Su Zar Zar
Doctor in Musicology

Babaji full interview

11. The Art of Raga

India | Wade Evans "Babaji"

Mehdi 2

Release in 2024

13. From Traditional Oud to Electric Oud

Kazakhstan | Mehdi Haddab

Firuza Abdulakhimova 2

Release in 2024

15. Orchestrating Modal Music

Uzbekistan | Firuza Abdurakhimova
Orchestra Conductor

Jeihooni Tar

Release in 2024

20. Revitalize museum instruments

Iran | Mehrdad Jayooni
Music museum director


Release in 2024

20b. The Art of Crafting a Musical Instrument (1/2)

Iran | Mohammed Mohammadi


Release in 2024

22. Classical Music or Traditional Music?

Iran | Mohammed Azadehfar


Release in Jun-24

22b. The Place of Kurdish music in Iran

Kurdistan | Hameed Haseli

Munis Sharifov

Release in 2024

25. What Is Mugham?

Azerbaijan | Munis Sharifov, Musician &
Sanubar Baghirova, Ethnomusicologist


Release in 2024

27. The Mystery of Georgian Polyphonic Singing

Georgia | Rusudan Tsurtsunia
Doctor in Art History

panduri maker

Release in 2024

27b. The Art of Crafting a Musical Instrument (2/2)

Georgia | Giorgi Abrashvili


Release in 2024

29. Intangible Cultural Heritage: For Better or for Worse?

Georgia | Ben Wheeler

Bulat Khalilov

Release in 2024

29b. A caucasian label dedicated to traditional music

Georgia | Bulat Khalilov
Journalist and record company founder

Ross Daly

Release in 20024

33. Can modal music promote transculturality?

Crete | Ross Daly
Musician & Teacher





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