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When Oud meets Guzheng

Kunming, China. The meeting of the Oud and its cousin, the Guzheng, in a park, reflecting Chinese culture and way of life.

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The Story

"The flavor of this music is subtle, its effect serene and profound. Playing it elevates us above all things. Leaving this world, we head towards imaginary lands. The purity of ancient customs is revived under our fingertips, and suddenly the past comes back to life

The impact of this melody lingers long after the notes have faded. The purity and mystery of this music are indelible. Without realizing it, the listener gets goosebumps and is suddenly transported to the clear palace of the moon.

Excerpt from the book 'Le Chant du pêcheur ivre' by Georges Goormaghtigh.

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This text by George Goormaghtigh echoes what I feel when I listen to traditional music with a history as rich as those played by Chang Kay Yi, who accompanies me in this video.

The vibrations of traditional instruments touch me with their beauty. They allow me to connect in a certain way to our ancestors who, with these instruments that have traversed the centuries, could have felt the same sense of wonder.

And suddenly the past comes back to life...

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and credits

Title: Flowers in Full Bloom 山丹丹花开红艳艳
Album: The Musical Threads of the Silk Roads
Composer: Traditional Chinese
Guzheng: Chang Kay Yi
Oud: Ibantuta
Music Arrangement: Ibantuta
Field Recording: Ibantuta
Studio Recording: Patrick Fischer
Mixing: Patrick Fischer
Mastering: Jean-François Hustin
Label: homerecords.be
Video Production: Ibantuta
Year released: 2023

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