Sogdiana 4

When Oud meets Rabab

Toshkent, Uzbekistan. The meeting of the Oud and its Uzbek cousin, the Rabab, in a 16th-century madrasah, with the collaboration of the Sogdiana orchestra.

and credits

Music title : Tamanno
Composer :  Traditional uzbek
SOGDIANA orchestra with :
  - Rabab : Qosim Nazarov Pozilovich
  - Afghani rabab : Dilshodjon Meliboyev Alijonovich
  - Gyjak : Bakhromov Shokhyorbek Shavkatbek Ugli 
  - Double bass : Islombek Abdulazizov Oybek Ugli 
  - Doira : Abdullo Ubaydullayev Shukurullo Ugli
  - Qoshnay : Sardor Primov Islom Ugli 
  - Nay : Bekzod Turaev Abdurashitovich
  - Conductor : Firuza Ravshanovna Abdurakhimova
Oud : Ibantuta
Music arrangement : Ibantuta
Field recording : Ibantuta
Studio recording and mixing : Patrick Fischer
Mastering : Jean-François Hustin
Video Production : Ibantuta
Year of release : 2023

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