The Musical Threads of the Silk Roads

A project that combines musical collaborations and ethnomusicology, presented in the form of an album, a live performance, music videos, and short films.


The Story

Inspired by his passion for modal music and motivated by the beauty of creating and connecting with musicians from diverse origins, Ibantuta heads out with his Oud on a year-long journey across 12 countries of the ancient Silk Roads. Enriched with the artistic collaboration of over 40 traditional string instrument players, Ibantuta presents his debut album : “The Musical Threads of the Silk Roads” - a heartfelt tribute to the essence of traditional music. 

The music album is accompanied by over a dozen music videos that immerse us further in the beautiful sceneries of Ibantuta’s voyage. Along the route, Ibantuta also discusses the relevance of these rich and ancient musical traditions in the contemporary world with numerous ethnomusicologists and musicians. Fascinating interviews and short films complete The Musical Threads of the Silk Roads project, offering beautiful sounds, captivating images and compelling insights to the world of traditional musics. 

Currently on tour, Ibantuta presents an exceptional solo performance, where the Oud takes centre stage against a backdrop of music videos he recorded during this year long musical exploration. His talent as storyteller and musician guides his audience on a unique sensory journey that is deeply moving and uplifting. 

Musical Encounters

Ibantuta took a leap of faith beginning his journey from scratch, armed with nothing but a camera and his Oud. 

"Arriving in these unfamiliar lands, I was unable to communicate in the local language. I had no contacts, no starting point. By knocking on the doors of music schools and shops, making inquiries at museums, festivals, or simply reaching out to locals, these musical encounters were made possible thanks to a shared love for music… and a little bit of luck."

All these encounters were captured in music videos and are being released under the title “When Oud meets” over the course of the year 2023 - 2024. 

14 Istanbul, Turkey Kemençe 13 Saz Tusheti, Georgia 12 Chonguri Tbilisi, Georgia 11 Chagane Baku, Azerbaijan 10 Oud Manama, Bahrain 9 Santoor Shiraz, Iran 8 Tar Isfahan, Iran 7 Guitar Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 6 Rabab Toshkent, Uzbekistan 5 Qobyz Almaty, Kazakhstan 4 Sarod Varanasi, India 3 Saung Yangon, Myanmar 2 Pipa Kunming, China 1 Guzheng Kunming, China
4 - Kazakhstan Qobyz 1

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When Oud meets Qobyz

Almaty, Kazakhstan

guzheng MIN

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When Oud meets Guzheng

Kunming, China

1 - China Pipa 1

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When Oud meets Pipa

Kunming, China

2 - Myanmar Burmese Harp 3

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When Oud meets Saung

Yangon, Myanmar

3 - India Sarod 1

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When Oud meets Sarod

Varanasi, India

Sogdiana 4

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Rabab

Toshkent, Uzbekistan

Nurlan Kilibayev - Anar

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Guitar

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Export photos TAR 1

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Tar

Isfahan, Iran

Final 001

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Santoor

Shiraz, Iran

Aurreskoud Thumbnail MIN

Release in 2024


Manama, Bahrain

8 - Azerbaijan Chagane 2

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Chagane

Baku, Azerbaijan

10 - Georgia Chonguri 3

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Chonguri

Tbilisi, Georgia

Saz website MIN

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Saz

Tusheti, Georgia

When Oud meets Kemençe-5

Release in 2024

When Oud meets Kemençe

Istanbul, Turkey


Questioning the role of these traditional musics in today's world.

From China to Crete, I had the pleasure to interview and to exchange with musicians and ethnomusicologists on various subjects ranging from the preservation of musical traditions to modal music theory and its transcultural reinterpretation. 

These insightful conversations have been documented in fascinating short movies and will be released over the course of the year 2023 - 2024.  

guzheng MIN

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The journey begins : first steps in China

China | Chang Kay Yi
Musician & Teacher

Su Zar Zar

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Preserving a Musical Tradition

Myanmar | Su Zar Zar
Doctor in Musicology

Babaji full interview

Release in 2024

The World of Ragas: Freedom within Discipline

India | Wade Evans "Babaji"

Firuza Abdulakhimova 2

Release in 2024

Orchestrating Modal Music

Uzbekistan | Firuza Abdurakhimova
Orchestra Conductor

Jeihooni Tar

Release in 2024

Operating a music instrument museum

Iran | Mehrdad Jayooni
Music museum director


Release in 2024

The Art of Crafting a Musical Instrument (1/2)

Iran | Mohammed Mohammadi


Release in 2024

The Place of Kurdish music in Iran

Kurdistan | Hameed Haseli


Release in 2024

Classical Music or Traditional Music?

Iran | Mohammed Azadehfar

Munis Sharifov

Release in 2024

What Is Mugham?

Azerbaijan | Munis Sharifov & Sanubar Baghirova
Musician & Ethnomusicologist

panduri maker

Release in 2024

The Art of Crafting a Musical Instrument (2/2)

Georgia | Giorgi Abrashvili


Release in 2024

The Mystery of Georgian Polyphonic Singing

Georgia | Rusudan Tsurtsunia
Doctor in History of Art


Release in 2024

Intangible Cultural Heritage: For Better or for Worse?

Georgia | Ben Wheeler

Bulat Khalilov

Release in 2024

A caucasian label dedicated to traditional music

Georgia | Bulat Khalilov
Journalist & record label founder

Ross Daly

Release in 2024

Can modal music promote transculturality?

Crete | Ross Daly
Musician & Teacher


Release in 2024

From Traditional Oud to Electric Oud

Kazakhstan | Mehdi Haddab


Originally, it is these lands that shape us as human beings, in the way we create music and perceive the world. I pay tribute to these magnificent regions with the sound of the strings of my Oud.

Paysages Kazakh

Release in 2024

Kazakhstan: A timeless expanse

Kazakhstan | 2024


Release in 2024

Georgia: The Jewel of the Caucasus

Georgia | 2024

Paysage turquie

Release in 2024

Cappadocia, Calm and Captivating

Turkey | 2024

Crete paysage MIN

Release in 2024

Crete, a Mythical Island with a Thousand Faces

Crete | 2024

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